“Drawing Breath” 2017, 297 x 420 cm Paper and black inked pen

The drawings served the purpose of keeping the focus on breathing. I had learned different breathing patterns from Georgia Sagri earlier in the year of 2017 and had needed another stimulus to keep my body focused during the early preparation for the “DYNAMIS-Askesis on Empathy” Performance. Sitting on the ground, with my back aligned with a wall and the big paper positioned between my open legs, I inhaled for 7 seconds while my right hand spiraled on the paper close to my body. The breath is held for 1 second and the spiral expands widely with a big gesture and a circling torso. The pen returns to the center close to my body on the paper. I exhale for 7 seconds. I hold my breath again for 1 second, the drawn loop expanding again as my torso circles with it and as I complete the loop I breathe in again for 7 seconds. 7-1-7-1-7-1-……The seismogramm of my concentration and breath is documented in these selected images.

2015/2016, Performance

Drawing Breath


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