In early 2016 I was (once again) confronted with my health. Yet it was not an illness to be cured. It was a physical misalignment that was at the root of a lot of suffering, pain, and unwellness I had experienced in my life. With the perspective of a second chance, a chance at healing, growing, and re-wiring of my nervous system, I felt the urgent need of an artifact that would embody my wish for blossoming. Coming fresh to art school I was confronted with my age peers and their ability and “healthy” development. I instantly hoped that at 24/25 years old I still had the possibility of growth and actualization. What followed in April to September 2017 was a delicate and turbulent journey of rebuilding a body out of earth, in a 1:1 scale according to my body measurements and weight. The body is divided into parts, only the plants sowed into the body connected its parts.

2017, Body Extension, Installation

Body in Transformation / Erdkörper 2017


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