“So, who is the Camel?” was a group exhibition of the performance class of Mounira Al-Solh during Rundgang 2019 of Kunsthochschule Kassel. The topic of the semester was to focus on concepts of Orientalism and to counter its gaze with Occidentalism. The class had made a excursion to Beirut, Lebanon in May 2019 and in addition to reading “Orientalism” by Edward Said the class had developed a group performance and individual projects in relation to the topic.

The Group Performance was live streamed via periscope and is watchable here: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1vAxRWByYYgKl?q=performanceclasskhs

It was a real learning experience for me since I organized the livestreaming event, made the set design concepts and the live sound for the performance.

Photos by C.Woywod, Poster made by M.Al-Solh

2019, Collaboration, Installation, Interactive, Performance, Sound

“So, who is the Camel?”


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