From April to July 2019 Collective K O N T R A S T realised the Performance “URNING” and Premiered it in Mid-July at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. For the project I developed the sounddesign and costumes. The performance took place during the exhibition about genderperformance that we set up in the artschool’s auditorium in which videoworks, informations of LGBTQA*+ Communities and Accessabilities in Kassel, Queerhistory and a Gender Experimentation Station which I facilitated. All three performances were very different. The last performance took place during the annual artschool showcase “Rundgang” and thanks to a timely rainfall we auditorium was packed with students, visitors, friends and family and the performance felt like it had took its complete form in its resonance with the audience. the echo chamber was transcended and the evening after the Deniere proceeded with fresh air and a golden-pink sunset.

For more visit :

Photos by Vishnoir Kim and Kathrin Maurer

2019, Body Extension, Collaboration, Installation, Performance, Sound

“URNING” by Kollektiv K O N T R A S T


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