By coincidence I was sent a Open Call for the “Künstlerroulette” 2019 by devising-theater in Hannover to which I applied the same evening. The project “Künstlerroulette” invites 4-5 artists that create work within 4 days in a improvisational and experimental manner. The theme for this year was “Lost in Sound” and looked for sound-based artists. I got the invitation shortly after and in late October I traveled to Hannover to meet everbody and start working for the final presentation 4 days later. The experience getting to know the city, the venue of Keller Drei and curator Julian Gerhard and my fellow artists Mahelet Worku (vocals), Joschka Merhof (synths/electronic music) and Wayne Götz (performer) was a really positive one. It’s a great experience when the blank on the map and the mind fills with such pleasant experiences and people. Working for the 4 of us was a collaborative learning experience and after 4 days we were full of joy to present our results.

2019, Collaboration, Performance, Sound

“Lost in Sound” – Künstlerroulette Open Call


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