In mid-March it became apparent that the Pandemic would also cause Germany to go on lock down. All jobs, performances, workshops, university courses and projects cancelled indefinately I started Self-Quarantining on March 13th, 2020. It’s been 6 weeks by now (as of April 29th 2020) and the past weeks have been shaped by a very unsusal quietness. The appartment I live in is situated at one of the main streets connecting Kassel’s Citycenter with one of the highways. The soundscape used to be shaped by airplanes, ambulances and helicopters, traffic noise, peoples voices as they pass and of course the constant drone of the near by highway. Now, the environment had become filled with birds, bat’s as dawn, occasional rain and just one experience of an airplane flying above. An experience of the unusual quietness. Without context this soundscape might seem mundane, peaceful even, while outside my door the chaos and fear is not far.

Thankfully, Joshua Weitzel commissioned me to record my quarantine and published it via KasselExperimentalMusicProduction as support. You can listen to the whole thing for free, consider buying the album in order to support me and my fellow artists.

To be continued.

2020, Sound

“Covid Time Soundscape”


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