Sound Systems 2020 – Acoustic Perspectives in the year of Covid-19

The Installation Sound Systems 2020 refers sonically to the past months of 2020. Not only concert halls, but also the city quieted down, while the private interiors became more livelier. The heart of the exhibition is a multi-channel sound installation at the “Stellwerk” in Kassel, which presents all artists sound pieces/audio testimonies in a loop.

Involved in this project are students and faculty members of Kunsthochschule Kassel, London College of CommunicationHochschule für Musik MainzEdinburgh College of Art and Columbia University in the City of New York 

Curated and Conceptualised by Joshua Weitzel, Cat Woywod and Samuel Nerl as part of a cooperation project by Konzept-Verein, Stellwerk and Galerie Feiertag

Presented Artists (Installation):

Nicola Hein 

Nicol Parkinson

Wingel Mendoza

Cat Woywod 

Joshua Weitzel

2020, Collaboration, Installation, Sound

Sound Systems 2020 – KW 36


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