Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic this Exhibition was in hiatus since March 2020, and thanks to the effort of many people the exhibition was finalised in a virtual form and in a restricted physical form.

awes-somebody website was build by Bo Biallas, works by Bo Biallas, Lucine S. Moschref, Adina Schinauer and Cat Woywod

2020, Collaboration, Installation, Interactive, Sound

“_somebody” Online Exhibit for LSKH Frankfurt a.M.



Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the artschool was closed in March 2020. Students and Professors were inspired to re-invent and organize the annual university exhibition in new ways. “HOMEASDESSERT” is a interactive website, realized by Hannes Drescher (https://krisekrise.itch.io), which hosts all projects by students of the Performance Class Al Sohl of Kunsthochschule Kassel.

2020, Collaboration, Interactive, Sound

“HOMEASDESSERT” Online Exhibition – Class Al Sohl


Hannes Drescher aka krisekrise approached me after my Concert “Sounds of a new Planet” in October 2019 and told me about his graduation game project “THUS ENCHANTED”. The blending of organic and digital soundmaterial fit to his idea of an experimental sounddesign for his game. Months later, in February 2020, the game was finished and his graduation took place. In a twist of fate his presentation about the “Chronomancy” of Game would be held in the exact same room I experienced my first introduction to performative Time Magic for “Askesis on Empathy” back in 2017 by Georgia Sagri for documenta 14 in Kassel

You can find “THUS ENCHANTED” Game here

2020, Collaboration, Interactive, Sound



In continuation of the “Long Distances on Saturday” Exhibition that the Performance Class Al Solh realized weeks earlier in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, “I Bring My Body back with Me” Exhibition was organized in our homebase in Kassel. With another version of the “Violent Light District” interactive light installation I decided to focus on an more playful approach to explore different materials and to concentrate less on the body for this round. Since this project is not crystalized yet in its form and focus it was interesting to test it out in several different spaces and versions.

2020, Body Extension, Installation, Interactive, Light

“Violet Light District” III. at Kunsthochschule Kassel


As part of the Exhibition “Long Distances on Saturday“, organized by the Performance Class Al Solh Kunsthochschule Kassel in January 2020, I made another realization of “Violet Light District” at Galerie Rongwrong which is situated in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

2020, Installation, Interactive, Light

Galerie Rongwrong – “Violet Light District” II.


“Konzept e.V.” planned a member exhibition for the end of 2019 in “Galerie Feiertag” Kassel. For this venue I realized a the interactive light installation “Violet Light District” which explores individual and collective perception.

2019, Installation, Interactive, Light

Galerie Feiertag – Violet Light District I.


Born out of Tristan_Marie Biallas Project during the “Routine:Ritual:Routine” Exhibition in May 2019, we decided to expand the concept of an interactive sound performance with found material from Gardens and Parks. As Gardens and Parks reflect societal structures and ideals of nature, we wanted to uncover stories of individual and collective history and queer its storytellings. In July 2019 we did a performance about the “Karlsaue Park” in which the Kunsthochschule Kassel is situated and mixed Field recordings, personal stories, animal and plant life history, readings, objects found in the park which were made audible with piezo mic’s and and uncovered histories as a audio-visual interface to access and transport the Park from and into different perspective.

2019, Collaboration, Installation, Interactive, Performance, Sound

Branching Out Loud


For the Kunstsommer Arnsberg the FOAM Collective, 4 young artists from Münster and Kassel, worked on various sound-, video- and interactive artworks to reflect on the demographic of the city, its missing people between the age of 20-40 years of age and its historical past.






Photos by C.Woywod

2019, Collaboration, Installation, Interactive, Performance, Sound

“Die dort lebenden Menschen” FOAM Collective @ Kunstsommer Arnsberg 2019


Cats Sonic Cradle is a experimental Improvisation Concept that combines Instruments of analog and digital origin, as well as musical and non-musical sounds. During Rundgang I organized this session in the Performance Class and while it was about 35-40°C in the room we played for 2 hours straight. What resulted was a dynamic journey from volcanic chaos to serene moments of harmony. I am deeply grateful for the people that joined in and made the magic happen with me.

Photos by Vishnoir Kim 07/2019

2019, Collaboration, Interactive, Performance, Sound

Cat’s Sonic Cradle


“So, who is the Camel?” was a group exhibition of the performance class of Mounira Al-Solh during Rundgang 2019 of Kunsthochschule Kassel. The topic of the semester was to focus on concepts of Orientalism and to counter its gaze with Occidentalism. The class had made a excursion to Beirut, Lebanon in May 2019 and in addition to reading “Orientalism” by Edward Said the class had developed a group performance and individual projects in relation to the topic.

The Group Performance was live streamed via periscope and is watchable here: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1vAxRWByYYgKl?q=performanceclasskhs

It was a real learning experience for me since I organized the livestreaming event, made the set design concepts and the live sound for the performance.

Photos by C.Woywod, Poster made by M.Al-Solh

2019, Collaboration, Installation, Interactive, Performance, Sound

“So, who is the Camel?”