Sound Systems 2020 – Acoustic Perspectives in the year of Covid-19

The Installation Sound Systems 2020 refers sonically to the past months of 2020. Not only concert halls, but also the city quieted down, while the private interiors became more livelier. The heart of the exhibition is a multi-channel sound installation at the “Stellwerk” in Kassel, which presents all artists sound pieces/audio testimonies in a loop.

Involved in this project are students and faculty members of Kunsthochschule Kassel, London College of CommunicationHochschule für Musik MainzEdinburgh College of Art and Columbia University in the City of New York 

Curated and Conceptualised by Joshua Weitzel, Cat Woywod and Samuel Nerl as part of a cooperation project by Konzept-Verein, Stellwerk and Galerie Feiertag

Presented Artists (Installation):

Nicola Hein 

Nicol Parkinson

Wingel Mendoza

Cat Woywod 

Joshua Weitzel

2020, Collaboration, Installation, Sound

Sound Systems 2020 – KW 36


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic this Exhibition was in hiatus since March 2020, and thanks to the effort of many people the exhibition was finalised in a virtual form and in a restricted physical form.

awes-somebody website was build by Bo Biallas, works by Bo Biallas, Lucine S. Moschref, Adina Schinauer and Cat Woywod

2020, Collaboration, Installation, Interactive, Sound

“_somebody” Online Exhibit for LSKH Frankfurt a.M.


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the artschool was closed in March 2020. Students and Professors were inspired to re-invent and organize the annual university exhibition in new ways. “HOMEASDESSERT” is a interactive website, realized by Hannes Drescher (, which hosts all projects by students of the Performance Class Al Sohl of Kunsthochschule Kassel.

2020, Collaboration, Interactive, Sound

“HOMEASDESSERT” Online Exhibition – Class Al Sohl


In mid-March it became apparent that the Pandemic would also cause Germany to go on lock down. All jobs, performances, workshops, university courses and projects cancelled indefinately I started Self-Quarantining on March 13th, 2020. It’s been 6 weeks by now (as of April 29th 2020) and the past weeks have been shaped by a very unsusal quietness. The appartment I live in is situated at one of the main streets connecting Kassel’s Citycenter with one of the highways. The soundscape used to be shaped by airplanes, ambulances and helicopters, traffic noise, peoples voices as they pass and of course the constant drone of the near by highway. Now, the environment had become filled with birds, bat’s as dawn, occasional rain and just one experience of an airplane flying above. An experience of the unusual quietness. Without context this soundscape might seem mundane, peaceful even, while outside my door the chaos and fear is not far.

Thankfully, Joshua Weitzel commissioned me to record my quarantine and published it via KasselExperimentalMusicProduction as support. You can listen to the whole thing for free, consider buying the album in order to support me and my fellow artists.

To be continued.

2020, Sound

“Covid Time Soundscape”


Hannes Drescher aka krisekrise approached me after my Concert “Sounds of a new Planet” in October 2019 and told me about his graduation game project “THUS ENCHANTED”. The blending of organic and digital soundmaterial fit to his idea of an experimental sounddesign for his game. Months later, in February 2020, the game was finished and his graduation took place. In a twist of fate his presentation about the “Chronomancy” of Game would be held in the exact same room I experienced my first introduction to performative Time Magic for “Askesis on Empathy” back in 2017 by Georgia Sagri for documenta 14 in Kassel

You can find “THUS ENCHANTED” Game here

2020, Collaboration, Interactive, Sound



In continuation of the “Long Distances on Saturday” Exhibition that the Performance Class Al Solh realized weeks earlier in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, “I Bring My Body back with Me” Exhibition was organized in our homebase in Kassel. With another version of the “Violent Light District” interactive light installation I decided to focus on an more playful approach to explore different materials and to concentrate less on the body for this round. Since this project is not crystalized yet in its form and focus it was interesting to test it out in several different spaces and versions.

2020, Body Extension, Installation, Interactive, Light

“Violet Light District” III. at Kunsthochschule Kassel


As part of the Exhibition “Long Distances on Saturday“, organized by the Performance Class Al Solh Kunsthochschule Kassel in January 2020, I made another realization of “Violet Light District” at Galerie Rongwrong which is situated in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

2020, Installation, Interactive, Light

Galerie Rongwrong – “Violet Light District” II.


“Konzept e.V.” planned a member exhibition for the end of 2019 in “Galerie Feiertag” Kassel. For this venue I realized a the interactive light installation “Violet Light District” which explores individual and collective perception.

2019, Installation, Interactive, Light

Galerie Feiertag – Violet Light District I.


In October I was able to realize a double concert with my friend Christina’s Band “Der Neue Planet”.
We had met in Cologne one year prior and her kindness made it possible for me to sleep at her place in Cologne when I was back in August for a 4-day job hustle at the Soundtrack Cologne congress.
Thanks to the kind and thoughtful members of the “Karnak” collective in Kassel, they let me use their space to make this double concert reality in late October 2019.

I recorded my set live and the uploaded file is just the first of two sets that I improvised that night.

2019, Performance, Sound

Sounds of a New Planet – Live Concert


By coincidence I was sent a Open Call for the “Künstlerroulette” 2019 by devising-theater in Hannover to which I applied the same evening. The project “Künstlerroulette” invites 4-5 artists that create work within 4 days in a improvisational and experimental manner. The theme for this year was “Lost in Sound” and looked for sound-based artists. I got the invitation shortly after and in late October I traveled to Hannover to meet everbody and start working for the final presentation 4 days later. The experience getting to know the city, the venue of Keller Drei and curator Julian Gerhard and my fellow artists Mahelet Worku (vocals), Joschka Merhof (synths/electronic music) and Wayne Götz (performer) was a really positive one. It’s a great experience when the blank on the map and the mind fills with such pleasant experiences and people. Working for the 4 of us was a collaborative learning experience and after 4 days we were full of joy to present our results.

2019, Collaboration, Performance, Sound

“Lost in Sound” – Künstlerroulette Open Call