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In the past, all model’s/theories/philosophies/ concepts of life and death are compared and handled as if they odd to prove each other wrong in order to exist singulary. 

Binary code is used by our technologies to communicate from machine to machine, not from being to being.

As beings on this planet, we can no longer divide our existences into a binary, singular and universal truth.

Multitudes embody life and co-exist on this planet. All with their own language, culture, perception and somatic intelligence.

To have a future, we will convey our dreams through a dimension that is above language. 

We are building languages for entirely new experiences in order to communicate dimensions that integrate and connect in order to specify. 

Based on a common Denominator instead of Divisor.

As language is a technology, it has great power based on how we use it.

To reflect, to build companionship and community, to communicate, to create, to envision, to enable, to heal, to uplift, to share, to bend, to adapt, to nuture, to queer, to open space for possibility, to care, to celebrate, to exchange, to sound, to see 

in full spectrum.


Born in Munich, raised in the Valley of Silicon, USA and in the Plains of Coal Mining and Steel, Germany

Experimental and interactive works with sound, light, performance, botany, body extension, improvisation.

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2021 – 10. International Wind Art Festival “bewegter Wind”

Sound-, Costume-, Lightdesign for “And now we wait” – Multimedia performance collaboration @ Victora Bunker Kassel (postponed)

Past Live Sound Performances 2019/2020 :

15.8.2020 – Live Stream Performance with UrbanFiveGallery Kassel

17.7.2020 – Live Stream Performance @ R:EIN RADIO/Radio Rasclat Kassel

8.12.19 “Bummer&Cat” Concert @ Kunst Adventskalender von HierimQuartier
24.10.19 8 PM @ “The sound of a new planet…” double concert with “Der Neue Planet” at Karnak, Kassel
20.10.19 8 PM @ “Lost in Sound” Künstlerroulette, KellerDrei in Hannover
29.9.19 3 PM @ “Atelier Rundgang 2019” Karnak, Kassel
28.9.19 9 PM @ “Cat’s Sonic Cradle II.”KlimaCamp Nordstadt Park, Kassel
7.9.19 10 PM @ Raum für urbane Experimente, Kassel
19.7.19 8 PM @ Artschool Kassel / Performance Class “Cat’s Sonic Cradle”
16.7.19 8 PM @ Gallery Feiertag, Kassel 
31.5.19 9 PM @ Karnak Routine:Ritual:Routine – Kassel
21.5.19 8 PM @ Kunst gegen Bares XI -Kassel