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To explore the relationships inbetween, empirical research, Somatic Intelligence, connectivity instead of scism, spectrums of existence and perception

To create with love, embodying multitudes, chaos and harmony Focusing on the common Denominator instead of Divisor.

Challenge the Retina, Experiencing Cochlear Sensations, Harmonizing Polarities, The Awe of Nature and Technology, creating Magic. reflections. Tonmalerei, Full spectrum colors and sounds. queering time


Born in Munich, raised in the Valley of Silicon, USA and in the Plains of Coal Mining, NRW, Germany

Experienced life before and after the internet

Experimental and interactive works with sound, light, performance, body extension, improvisation.

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2020 Upcoming

2021 – 10. International Wind Art Festival “bewegter Wind”

Sound-, Costume-, Lightdesign for “And now we wait” – Multimedia performance collaboration @ Victora Bunker Kassel

Sounddesign for “A round square” Game by Wenti Sheng

(POSTPONED due to CoVid-19 Pandemic) “_somebody” sound performance @ LSKH Frankfurt

Past Live Sound Performances 2019 :

8.12.19 “Bummer&Cat” Concert @ Kunst Adventskalender von HierimQuartier
24.10.19 8 PM @ “The sound of a new planet…” double concert with “Der Neue Planet” at Karnak, Kassel
20.10.19 8 PM @ “Lost in Sound” Künstlerroulette, KellerDrei in Hannover
29.9.19 3 PM @ “Atelier Rundgang 2019” Karnak, Kassel
28.9.19 9 PM @ “Cat’s Sonic Cradle II.”KlimaCamp Nordstadt Park, Kassel
7.9.19 10 PM @ Raum für urbane Experimente, Kassel
19.7.19 8 PM @ Artschool Kassel / Performance Class “Cat’s Sonic Cradle”
16.7.19 8 PM @ Gallery Feiertag, Kassel 
31.5.19 9 PM @ Karnak Routine:Ritual:Routine – Kassel
21.5.19 8 PM @ Kunst gegen Bares XI -Kassel